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Jane Hamon 2013

7 Decrees over Scotland – Glasgow Prophetic Center’s conference

At Glasgow Prophetic Center’s Partnering with Resurrection Power! conference in St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow (Friday 20th September), Apostle Jane Hamon made seven prophetic decrees over Scotland. We have summarised them below (audio and video recordings will be posted shortly).

Jane described how she felt that the atmosphere in Scotland is pregnant with the purposes of God – land is like a spiritual womb.

She shared from Numbers 20:8 about speaking to the rock…

Take the staff, and you and your brother Aaron gather the assembly together. Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. You will bring water out of the rock for the community so they and their livestock can drink.

In detail: Speak [‘dabar’ – decree] to the rock [‘cela’ – the land of cliffs and craggy, rocky places; the land of the stronghold/fortress security of Jehovah]. Doesn’t that sound a lot like Scotland?!

Seven Decrees Over Scotland

1. God has decreed that Scotland would be a spiritual womb, that it would be a birthplace of revival, awakening and reformation

Arise, shine Scotland for your light has come. Wake up and be set on fire! The Lord is getting ready to bring a giant dump of refreshing rain to Scotland. Double portion fruitfulness coming to this land. Gathering anointing upon this land – gathering from other nations. Redefining church in Scotland, between old and new… joining ancient with future anointings.

Enemy’s counter-decree: spiritual barrenness, closing up the womb of fruitfulness

2. God has declared that this would be a land of freedom

Freedom is written over this land. Freedom comes because of the anointings of the warriors, the worshippers and the intercessors – ‘freedom-makers’. This is a land that cries for freedom. A land that fights against injustice and unrighteousness, to defend families etc. Mantle of courage, mantle of reformer.

Enemy’s counter-decree: a land of captivity; passivity; fear of failure; spirit of victimisation that comes from violence – a wrong kind of violence across the nation. Apathy, unrighteous tolerance. Immobility.

3. God’s decree: an apostolic land of government, authority and power

Sending us forth outside the churches into the kingdoms of this world, to take back the things the enemy has stolen. Reformation in the church so that transformation through the church. Annointing to control the destiny of this and – controlled by the ecclesia of God. God is dealing with false foundations e.g. freemasonry, religious hatred

Enemy’s counter decree: the rulership of the spirit of religion – form, but no power. Ineffective, ineffectual church. Spirit of Belial that causes unusual weariness. Also partnered with infirmity, confusion and false accusation.

4. God’s decree over Scotland: a land of prophets and watchmen!

Dreams, visions and mysteries. Annointing for the prophetic in this land.
Enemy’s counter claim: a land of resurgence of paganism and the occult. False prophets. Jezebel silencing voices. True prophets of God hiding in caves.

5. A land of miracles, signs and wonders!

This land and these cities are built on a foundation of signs and wonders of God. You’re not going to change a city by great programs, you’re going to do it through signs and wonders (Acts 8).

Enemy’s decree: a land known for its levels of infirmity; sick man of Europe; grief and sorrow of the heart.Addiction. Hoplessness. Depression.

6. God has decreed this to be a land of wealth creation and innovation

It is part of the country’s Divine Nature Attributes! God is bringing a new technology to old industries that will bring them into the 21st C and bring an employment boom. Also new technology creating new industries.

Enemy’s decree: locked up with poverty, welfare dependence. Spirit of robbery set against this nation…. not just individually but nationally. Financial destitution… all the jobs go somewhere else. Nation stripped bare of its wealth.

7. A Covenant Nation


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