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  • Thank you for sending me Fire Brands!!!! The timing and content are amazing. Also I have experienced confirmations of words and scriptures through your e-mails that The Lord has given me in my journals. This is helping me to hold on and keep going. I also listen to the cd you sent me of my prophetic reading which helps me focus. Keep up the good work and may God bless you abundantly.
  • Malcolm and Alyson are truly Abba’s son and daughter. They not only entertained a weird request from a minister in Singapore, they went a second mile to help fulfilled that request for his entire team. I got the privilege of being ministered to by them, and it was accurately detailed. More importantly, they radiate Abba’s love which is a missing element in many prophetic ministries. I see the both of you going forth with His fire to rescue, restore, renew and refire His people. Your picture appropriately illustrates this. I will see you again soon. (D – Singapore)
  • I would just like to say a big thank you for the prophetic input you have had into my life. The prophetic word you gave to me on the 1st January 2013 has been absolutely spot on and so accurate, even in the timing. I am now seeing them coming into play and seeing more of the fullness of them. Awesome. (J – Scotland)
  • Totally recommend these guys – they really hear from God – go see them and be blessed. (E – England)
  • So great to of been part of that 9 people, as humans we get ourselves into things without questioning why are we doing them, or why are we saying things, or what other people have spoken into our lives. But our wonderful saviour brings healing and restoration whenever we surrender to his love and forgiveness and power to remove these lies from our lives…….totally awesome time, even with the shedding of tears god brings peace and life back to his people….. well done Alyson and Malcolm for leading this so thoughtfully and gently………walking in Freedom! If anyone reads this, don’t waste any more time wondering about freemasonry, find out when the next teaching day will be……its only the truth that will set you free…… (L – Scotland)
  • It was so Amazing to be in such a safe place with 8 other people who are now walking in FREEDOM from Freemasonry ! Father God is so AWESOME. (C – Scotland)

Prophetic Taster Day in Tain, Highland 

  • Spot on, powerful, accurate prophecy that has truly unlocked
  • Very good. Thank you.
  • Lots of my favourite scriptures came through in the words, an eagle, a garden, a rose, safety, a harbour, love marriage. It was identified that I have a heavy yoke and restrictions and burdens and feel unsupported. This is all true. I was encouraged by the word that blessing is coming.
  • It was very accurate and I received amazing blessings. I really felt that the Lord was speaking through …… directly to me
  • Very moving. I felt what was said was accurate and challenging. Much to pray into.
  • It’s lovely
  • Very detailed and accurate and in line with previous prophecies but more detailed and up to date – yet there were elements which pointed to my future ministry and were very encouraging, into which I need to share with ……. and pray about. May you be greatly blessed in the Lord. P.S. The team work was impressive.
  • Comfortable, clear explanation as to what would be happening and spot on!
  • Hit the nail on the head.
  • Sceptical at first, once they started speaking it was amazing. They have made a sceptic a believer. Thank you.
  • It was great! Best thing I’ve ever done
  • I felt that my word from God was more for my future and my giftings were also brought forward! And it was correct that indeed to do more with music and lots of things were brought forward! Loneliness wasn’t mentioned. But a new season was so good changes ahead.
  • I had an amazing experience. The energy and encouragement I feel flowing through me is truly a special gift to me that was VERY unexpected and the only way I can explain it is that I feel filled with confidence, humility and amazing love. I will remember this forever as I’ve been alone and scared for a very long time.
  • I was amazed at the care, team took to minister personally and very accurate of the things I felt God was already leading me into. Thank you for the encouraging words. Bless you all x.
  • Very accurate about my past.
  • Amazed, feeling at peace.
  • Accurate, helpful, exciting! A blessing.
  • Wasn’t sure what to expect but found it encouraging, Thank you.
  • Wonderful experience. Felt filled with the Holy Spirit. Felt at peace with lashing of love, joy pouring down upon me. Felt emotional at one point, with tears of love for the Lord. Felt humble and blessed by Him.
  • All spoken was relevant to me. It was very encouraging. I’m pleased I came.
  • Interesting to hear prophetic word. Emotional to hear some things being mentioned which probably try to gloss over/bury. Very good.
  • Thank you so much for sending the recording. What a lovely surprise. I was thinking this morning that I would love to have it.I have not had prophetic ministry before but I have to say it was extremely timely as I was very low on sat morning. However the word was so encouraging and affirming, and I have been meditating on it ever since. I know it was from the Lord, as it expressed so well things which I had not even fully realised myself. It has given me a new view of my situation, and a way forward. It has shown me hope and a future and I am rejoicing. I really appreciate the love shown by your team, from the lovely lady who cried with me as she touched my hands, to the group who spoke and prayed, and the gentle girl who drew the artwork. I really felt loved by Gods people. Please share this with the others. Much love in Christ

Prophetic Taster Day in Inverness 

  • Gave Clarity over on my life, greatly encouraging
  • It was a very good experience. I heard what I knew but I was not sure if I’m right. Now I know and I feel more confident. Thank you very much.
  • God is so good and has given me a new direction in my life which I could never have imagined myself myself, but it’s right with me. Lots of encouragement and loving words from God’s scripture too. Thank you God and thank you Fire Ministries!
  • Lots of things made sense, I’ve been struggling and feeling like a failure and need to know God loves me!
  • Received prophetic words that were in line with what I felt the Lord was saying already. Spot on. Thank you guys, keep up the good work.
  • Very interesting. Lots of comment which was very confirming and clear. Some interesting words which probably relate to things still to come. Exciting times ahead.
  • Spot on as always! Encouraged to keep going into all God is calling me into and beyond. Just exactly what God’s been speaking to me about and recent events in Romania/Albania….not holding back but stepping out into what God wants. Thank you, you guys are awesome.
  • Great!
  • WOW!!
  • Thank you so much, will really look forward to listening to the recording and take it all in and meditate with God on it. See you again!
  • I was so encouraged by the prophetic word from the Lord, on Saturday; thank you so much to you and your team for making this available to me.  This past few months has been a `season’ of significant trials and I was so needing to `rest in the Lord’. Thank you for showing me that this was indeed what I needed to do,  it’s funny how we sometimes just can’t `hear’ the Lord instructing us in our private time; or perhaps we question what He is saying to us.  Thank you for equipping me to do as I am told!! I think too often I `strive’ in my own strength, I `heard’ that word of instruction too! I will `rest in His river of living water’!  I am happy for you to use anything I have said here to encourage others; to help in your Kingdom work.  May the Lord Bless and fill you and your team in all that you do for Him.  Thank you Lord.
  • Yes it is the word of God. Yes prophecy sit well in my spirit, soul, mind. Yes did have peace in my spirit, mind, body, soul. Fire Ministries – There were a lot said, some not very nice, I wanted to find out for myself the truth. God has blessed you. You are God’s people doing the Lord’s work. The shop was on fire.

Prophetic Taster Day in Evanton 

  • Thanks again for Saturday and you have definitely gave me plenty to think about.
    Hope to meet you again in the future at another ministry.
  • Thank you for your email regarding the session at Cornerstone cafe Evanton . I believe the Lord is calling me to go deeper, and break free, to go forward.
  • It was great to meet you at the Evanton prophecy encounter. Was so good to be around Christians who are as I am about Jesus, that is 24/7. The prophecies echoed a lot of what is going on in my life at the moment, they had the effect of confirming things I had been thinking about for some time. Thanks for the daily emails :)
  • Thanks very much. It was a pleasure to meet with you. I was touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit and there was a powerful presence of the Living God when I was being prayed for. I will mention your ministry to my pastor I work up in ….. from time to time which is why I attend ………. when I’m up here. It would be good if Pastor had you along but that will be up to him, and he feels led by the Holy Spirit. I’m certainly interested in coming to Elgin for another time of prophesy; as before I’m open to the Holy Ghost and recognise your anointing so you would have my permission to minister as the Holy Spirit leads. With every blessing and grateful thanks
  • Loved it
  • It all made sense and confirmed my hopes in the work I do. Very encouraging on a personal level having the knowledge of the closeness of God, strengthened and having encouragement in no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. It was good to hear the wisdom of taking everything to the Lord that I had been told. The gentleness and encouragement are like a balm.
  • Good experience
  • Really uplifting and comforting
  • Wonderful, amazing, encouraging – lots and lots of confirmation of previous prophetic words but also real encouragement for now and the future. Thanks
  • Really glad that there is a recording – very helpful and confirming, also visionary which brings hope.
  • Spot on
  • Amazing
  • Felt I received what was on God’s heart
  • Enlightening, awakening and gave me understanding and insight to my new journey
  • Very encouraging, confirming things. Thanks to Ada for her ministry, very touched, challenged by it
  • Lovely, encouraging, all 3 said something similar. They were prayerful and thoughtful. Calm with a sense of peace in the cafe – a nice venue – welcoming
  • I felt blessed and every word was correct
  • I found this experience very encouraging, in things I have been pondering/considering for the past couple of months. It has confirmed for me, that the future is in God’s hands and that I should not worry. It has reassured me that decisions I have made in the past and changes coming about in the present are all part of the Lord’s plan. I have been shown that even though I am no longer the person I was, God has much greater plans for the person I am becoming.
  • Introduction – spot on – God’s word from start to finish. God spoke through the team – confirming many things that have been prophetically spoken to me before – Each member of the team spoke God’s word into my life. Encouraging – Caring – Loving – Prophetic. God bless this ministry
  • Felt encouraged by words spoken, many of them were what’s been happening in my life. I’ve taken encouragement from knowing that our Father in heaven knows and sees all things and we can always rely on Him. It was lovely just to come along and receive from the Holy Spirit through the team.
  • Great to be told what has been happening in my life over the last three years and where the Lord is going for the future. Most of all it is great to be around believers. The presence of people with the Spirit can never be underestimated
  • Very encouraging especially with my thinking for the future!! I found the whole experience relaxing, and the three folks were focussed and seemed to be hearing from God, as what I need to do (STEP OUT). So thank you for this positive experience and I will be seeking God for confirmation on many of the words given to me.
  • Very pleasant and relaxing, was ministered on two subjects during hand massage, one on the left hand and one on the right. Fire Encounter was encouraging and I felt that …..was anointed during our encounter.
  • The hand massage ministered strength to my spirit and ……prophetic picture and words are a real encouragement, gave me hope and followed on from a prophetic word I had in the recent past. The Fire Encounter was brilliant; it was wonderful to be blessed with my husband. The team words were definitely from God and they hear very well. Looking forward to booking another appointment!!
  • I thought it was very encouraging and has given me courage to carry out what I feel God has asked me to do. I felt very humbled by what was said and did feel how pleased God is with me so I just need to press in more and keep listening to God and doing what he asks and just trust.
  • I could relate to everything with ease. It’s confirmed what God has placed on my heart. I look forward to hearing and understanding more about prophecy. Feeling uplifted with love. God bless you all. Amen
  • Everything that was said resonated with what has been going on in my life over the last few years and there was much that confirmed other words from the Lord spoken over me. It has helped me to relax in where I am at the moment and reaffirmed what I have felt the Lord showing me/doing in me but have a tendency to doubt!! Thank you for listening for me!
  • Heard accurate words which confirmed things God had been saying to me, things between only I and the Lord. Also received some very specific words which were completely accurate. Bless you all.
  • I found just having the CHANCE to talk a little about my Christian history a great help, as the pressure of not having close friends to talk to, build up pressure with myself and my partner. So it was nice to natter a little.
  • Thank you for the enlightenment and now giving great encouragement for me to move forward in the lords path my god bless u all x
  • I’m still getting positive feedback. I thought it was a brilliant day. So many were deeply blessed.
    One interesting story –  …… had been out on the streets with ………… the morning and she and a partner had prepared cards with words for people and asked who to give them to. One of the recipients that they didn’t find was a woman with a pearl bracelet. (They were led to give her card to someone else ) When …….. was in Cornerstone she met a woman with a pearl bracelet. She told her the story and the word in the card and it was the same word she had received from your team.
  • I’m still meeting and hearing from people who were so encouraged by their encounters with you and your teams. We plugged the day at CCAST tonight and got 12 more bookings for you including ……., whose daughter was greatly blessed and fired up by her encounter. You certainly seem to have lit some fires here :-)
  • Thank you for sending the recordings of the session I had in Evanton.  I have just listened to it the 2nd time, and recorded it all in a journal,  so glad I did this way as when hearing it alone it seemed to sit on top of me, but on writing it down, it seemed to go to the inward places, even to the marrow! So much more to it than when I first heard it.  And extremely confirming and encouraging.

Prophetic Taster Day in Inverness 

  • Thank you so much for the recording I will treasure it and hope to see you again and to give you a good report in the future.  Thank also the lady who did the hand massage she was used to minister into another situation that surfaced one which I was not consciously thinking about and for the first time in ten years I have peace about it. May God continue to use and bless Fire ministries I have been so encouraged.
  • Thank you so much. Saturday was an answer to prayer and some much needed encouragement. The words that were spoken were bang on ! Confirming what the Lord has been speaking to me. I was exhausted on Saturday and after ……… gave the word to rest, I took a week off to reflect, As I know things are getting ready to move again. My husband is very keen to book a Fire Encounter. I will be in touch to arrange. Thank you for the work you are doing. Lovely to meet you all
  • Thank you so much for sending this on to me so quickly. I thought Saturday was amazing!  I was so encouraged by what God showed you all for me and it so blessed me.  I think it was even more of a blessing to hear it all again.  What a great idea to record it as so often these wonderful promises and words of encouragement can be forgotten.One of the prophecies mentioned was me having a gift of creativity – I just felt that was something I played away with to keep my hands busy of an evening – praise God, this has been a gift from him!  I must be honest and say that I had hoped to get guidance from God on my future, but as we know we have to “seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will added unto us.”  I think he will continue to guide me along the way when I am ready for any changes. I have a friend who would love to know what God is saying to her too – will you be doing this again soon? God bless you all for the work you are doing.
  • 100% accurate word from God at the Prophetic encounter. All my questions answered. Have to digest everything! Thank you God that you are a living God!
  • My friend was so uplifted and blessed by her prophetic encounter on Saturday. Well done for making this ministry available to people.
  • Meant to email you before now to say thank you for the encouragement both A and I received from our prophetic words. What can I say but spot on with everything :-) Your words were confirmation of everything Father God has been speaking to me about over the last few weeks & days, specifically for me I had a dream a few weeks ago which I had only just received the full interpretation for to do with ministering to ‘the church’ and your words confirmed what God was already speaking to me about. Even on Saturday as I was out with HoTs everyone I ended up ministering to were ‘church folk’!
  • A was just blown away by everything you guys said, and we listened to it yesterday & there’s so much in there! We were both really encouraged, sometimes you are just keeping on with what God has called you to do and when you receive a timely word it helps to re-focus and keep pressing on! I could go on….
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